The House activities are an integral part of the school curriculum. The entire school, including the staff members is divided into Four Houses. The school offers excellent coaching and provides students with ample opportunity to participate and excel at District, National & International level events and competitions. Outdoor sports at school include volleyball, hand ball, throw ball, kho-kho and tenni-koit and a range of athletic sports. Indoor sports include badminton, carom and chess. Sports has always been an integral part of the Glory curriculum. With a firm belief that the physical state impacts mental energies, Glory ensures that its students are exposed to regular fitness checks, exercises and sports. The sports program is aimed at developing physical fitness and sporting ability in a variety of indoor and outdoor games, at individual and team levels. Attention is given to individual needs in areas like posture, strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina and skill development for sporting events. Sports and movement activities are used effectively to work on psychological factors like self-confidence, attention, motivation, managing emotions and so on.